Outdoor Gear Rental

We have just the right equipment you need for your next adventure!  Items are available at daily and multiple-day rates.  Reservations are permitted for some items, while all other rentals are on a first-come, first-served basis.  Full payment is required for all individual reservations and rentals.  We accept  personal checks and exact cash.  Patrons must show valid military, dependent, or DoD ID for rental privileges. 

Services Offered

Equipment Check-in & Check-out

Allow time for staff to check over the equipment with you at check in.  Tents, watercraft, grills and large orders require extra time.

Working Parties

If you have a large order, please bring your own working party.  Our staff, while happy to assist, may not load or unload your vehicle.


  •         For additional information contact (562) 626-7106/6006